Innovate for the sale of your home!


A buyer is looking for a building, but also...

a life-style, a neighbourhood,

 a street, services...

More services ...


  Sample of a property presentation

Note: We are covering the region of Greater Montreal and Laval. and more...


What We will do for you:

Evaluation of the market value of your property, free and without obligation

Architectural layouts, 3D models to be able to appreciate your house! 

Dreaming of your house!

Making projects...

Discovering your neighbourhood

Share your knowledge!


 Where to shop? Far from the metro? Park?
School? The pleasure of living there...

Each buyer has his own knowledge of of his city. He don't want to move anywhere! 

Give spatial access to your house

Why using a real estate agent?

A deserved commission or too quickly earned?  




What are the steps to follow?


What documents to provide?


You have suggestions? Questions? You want to sell your house?

Let us make it together!

See you soon!